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Supporting Women through
Pregnancy and Birth


Baobab Birth Collective was founded in Birmingham, AL in 2014 by Danica Davis and Chauntel Norris, a pair of doulas who are passionate about women’s healthcare outcomes. We chose the name Baobab because the Baobab Tree in several places in Africa is known as the “Tree of Life”. It's known by this name because it thrives in arid and dry climates where little else can survive and it gives life to the people by providing nutritious food, shelter and even water.

The Baobab provides homes for several animals like parakeets, owls, and fruit bats. It also stores water in its tremendous trunk to provide a water source during the dry seasons and its leaves and seeds serve as a food source for people when food is scarce. The bark can be eaten by animals and woven into clothing, ropes and roofing material. This tree certainly "Gives Life" in several ways to its community.   

In Tanzania there is a tribe of people who have a tradition of actually giving birth inside the trees whose trunks are huge and sometimes hollow. These trunks offer women a secure and private area to give birth. At Baoabab Birth Collective we strive to provide this same security and support while we assist mothers in their journey to give life.


At Baobab we employ business, education and medical professionals with over 20 years of professional experience and we understand that each birth experience is unique. We provide exceptional evidence based care, relative to each mother’s needs. We realize that strong mothers lead to strong babies which lead to strong communities. We look forward to working with you soon!

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