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Free Initial Consultation 

We will be happy to schedule a free initial consultation with you to assess your needs and to give you more information about each of our services. 

Prenatal Visits 

We will meet with you prior to the arrival of your baby to create a birth plan and discuss how you would like your birth to go. We support all types of births.

Phone & Email Support 

We offer continuous phone calls and e-mail support throughout your pregnancy.




Professional Information 

The doulas at Baobab Birth are trained by the Doula Organization of North America. We have Certified Lactation Consultants, an Infant/Child CPR Educator, Lamaze Trained Childbirth Educators, and a Certified Aromatherapy practitioner on staff.

During labor 

Your doula will be there throughout your labor to provide continuous physical and emotional support to help you create your very own beautiful and unique "Birth Story".

Baby’s first feeding Support 

Your doula will be there to help with your first breastfeeding. We also have Certified Lactation Consultants on staff to help with any possible concerns

Community Referrals

We have referrals from women that we have served in our community and will gladly provide them upon request.

Childbirth Education Classes

Our childbirth Educators have been trained by Lamaze International and offer both private and community classes to our couples. We also offer sibling classes to help siblings prepare for the baby's arrival.

Infant/Child CPR Classes 


We offer infant and child CPR classes by one of our trained health educators.

Car Seat Installation

We will also check your car seat to make sure that it is properly installed.

Postpartum follow-up visit 

We will also visit with you after the arrival of your baby to make sure that everything is going smoothly. We want to help with making sure that the transition from being pregnant to becoming a new mother goes as smoothly as possible.

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